Root Causes of Brain Fog

Root Causes of Brain Fog
Ever feel like your brain is in a fog? You're not alone! šŸ§  If you're experiencing symptoms like forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, or feeling mentally sluggish, you might be dealing with brain fog. But fear not! Here are some root causes to consider:
ā˜€ļø Lack of natural light exposure
šŸ’¤ Poor sleep patterns
šŸŒ€ Rampant stress levels
šŸ“± Excessive screen time
šŸ­ Air pollution exposure
šŸ­ Blood sugar dysregulation
šŸŒŠ Poor glymphatic flow
Identifying these factors is the first step to clarity and focus! Let's reclaim our mental clarity together. šŸ’Ŗ

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